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Electrostatic Detector Recorder for Discharge Rod

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Electrostatic Detector & Recorder for Discharge Rod


  1. First developed at the world-wide
  2. Detect and record electrostaticsaccumulated on humanbody
  3. Eliminate explosion and fire by electrostatic accumulated on human body.
  4. Recommend electrostatic clothing and shoes if electrostatic accumulation is inevitable.
  5. Explosion proof Ex d IIB T6, 4~20mA, Hart Protocol.
  6. Can be used at Flammable material handling place, gas station, catalyst warehouse etc.


  1. Electrostatic Probe Parts
    -Max Voltage Range : -30KV ~ +30KV
    -Power Supply : 24VDC
    -Hart Protocol : Yes
    -Electrostatic Cell : Max. -30KV ~ +30KV
    -Probe Body : SUS 304, 60Øx 140 mm
    -Electrode : SUS 304, 53Ø
    -Electrode Holder : Ceramics, 13Øx 17 mm
  2. Field Mountable VideographicRecorder
    -Internal memory: 8Mb for 2 billon samples
    -Removable storage media : SD card
    -Universal input channel : 2 CH.
    -Dispaytype : Color
    -Power supply : 85~265 VAC
    -Gland entry type : 4 x standard supplied
    -Language : English
    -Configuration : Standard
    -Accessaries: SD card(2GB) & PC adapter
  3. Explosion Proof Indicator Box
    -EncloserClass : Ex d IIB T6
    -Dimensions : 220 x 230 mm
    -Material : Cast AlluminiumAlloy
    -Finish Color : MunsellNo. 7.5BG(6/1.5)
    *Delivery : 4 weeks